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The characteristics of the oil makes possible to utilize each stroke as its own dimension.  Its porosity and lightness also allows for the marriage of different materials that can give the canvas a third dimension and an expression that can almost read sculptural. The paint itself and the combination of colors and shades creates textures and layers combining both elements onto a piece the provoques curiosity and intrigue the source of its origins.  

Wood panels

The panel is always a friendly reminder that rigidness can allow for malleability. It is friendly to added components and welcomes the addition of elements that will turn a flat surface into a carved base for the use of industrial elements. Wood can be reverent and soft, therefore allowing for each peace to not be a factor to be considered by the addition of weight of added elements.



Weather is on canvas or wood panels, each piece can be enriched by texture. The addition of industrial elements also create enriched texture components that can make each piece a sculpture.  Texture can emulate concept when created only by paint. It can also add a third dimension to the piece. With added textures and the use of different elements, each piece also can be considered completed with a unique creation of space.


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